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Why Good Nature

Today we are all more concerned about our environment.  And, organic lawn care is a good way to start.  But, how do you know which Lawn Care Company is right for you?  Watch the video below to learn more, or read the Q & A below the video to see which five questions are most important to ask when it comes to organic lawn products...

1. What do you use for Pre Emergent Weed Control?

Genuine organic companies will use a plant-based, pre-emergent weed control...usually Corn Gluten Meal. If a company uses a chemical pre-emergent weed control, remember that this forms a chemical blanket that sits on your lawn for 3 to 4 months in order to prevent weeds. But, natural, Corn Gluten Meal is found in many of the foods you eat and is a much better, and safer, choice for pre-emergent weed control.

2. What do you use for Grub & Insect Control?

Genuine organic companies will use Milky Spore or beneficial Nematodes to control grubs. Beneficial nematodes may be the better choice for controlling grubs because Milky Spore only controls Japanese Beetle grubs. Both are non-toxic. If a company uses Imacloprid (Merit, Mach II, Bayer Advanced, GrubEx) or some other form of Grub Control, that's a chemical and sits on your lawn's surface for the entire season. Milky Spore and Nematodes are the safer choice.

3. How do you control weeds?

If a company uses organic fertilizer that does not suppress weeds, then you'll probably have a fair amount of weeds. If they use Corn Gluten, there will be fewer weeds. If they rely only on chemicals to control weeds, you'll be getting more chemicals than you want.

4. What's in your fertilizer?

Organic-based fertilizers contain 25% organic material...the rest is synthetic. Plant-based, feed-grade fertilizers and good quality compost and compost tea are generally the highest quality fertilizers and help your landscape thrive without chemicals.

5. Do you offer both Organic and Chemical Fertilizer Programs?

Companies that do mostly chemical lawn care but offer an organic option are generally less committed to helping you reduce or eliminate chemicals in your lawn than companies who focus solely on providing an organic approach.

We want you to have all the facts in order to make an informed decision. Please give us a call today. We think you'll like our answers.

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A Note on Natural Controls

There is a new emphasis on using pesticides that are made from natural ingredients. We believe that anything that is designed to kill something has potential to do damage to non target organisms (like people for instance). Our goal is to grow healthy grass and plants that don’t require pesticides – natural or chemical. If problems do occur, you want to eliminate the cause of the problem, not just mask it by using a pesticide (whether the pesticide is natural or synthetic is a detail, the real issue is making sure that the plants are so healthy that they don’t need any type of pesticide.) Obviously, if it is determined that a pesticide is the only option, it makes sense to go with the most natural and least toxic option. We use things like Clove Oil to kill grass & weeds, Garlic to discourage Insects etc.