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Here are some stories our clients have shared with us over the years.  If you'd like to be featured here, please submit your photos and story to office@whygoodnature.com

Paul and Mary Jenks - Lakewood, OH

We did major landscaping in 2000, including installing new front and side lawns. Although we tried a number of traditional weed and feed products, including the best selling product in Ohio, we were not pleased with the results. The lawn was patchy; we still had a weed problem; and we were worried about run-off from the chemical fertilizers. We were also concerned about the long-term effects on the soil.

Since we have been using the Good Nature “transition” program along with aeration, we have seen a dramatic improvement in our lawn. It looks healthier, resists drought better and has filled in very nicely. At the same time, we feel good about applying natural, earth-friendly products on our lawn.

We have been pleased by the professional service of the Good Nature staff, and have recommended them to our friends.

Greg Slawson & Candice Lee - Cleveland Heights, Ohio

3140-best-one-2-.jpgcandice-and-greg-2-.jpg"A few years after our lawn renovation we began to notice that dogs would stop their walking owners so they could roll in our grass. Our neighbors have told us that our lawn is the only lawn in the neighborhood in which their dog performs this rolling act. Our neighbors love the lawn because is deep green and thick - apparently dogs are into that as well. 

Last week, a neighbor with three Italian greyhounds stopped in front of our house for the obligatory roll in the grass and I happened to be trimming the edges. Not only were the dogs rolling, but their 8 year old son decided to sit down in the grass and start a conversation. The parents looked curious about the grass and talked about how they are involved in the "sustainability movement." When I told them that my lawn was chemical free, they were in disbelief. They said, "I always assumed that this yard was heavily nuked with chemicals." I also told them that I didn't water the grass for the entire year even though it was still so green. Surrounding lawns had already burned out because of the lack or rain from the previous two weeks. Alec always told me that Tuff Turf would tolerate the heat and dry better than other lawns and that has proven to be an understatement. We love our front lawn and so do dogs, kids and their parents."