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Why do you have Moles?

Moles love soft ground and feed on many things in the soil including grubs and earthworms. Lawns that tend to stay wet all year have the most mole problems.

What’s the difference between a Mole and a Vole?

Moles tunnel under the ground and tend to make piles where they stick their heads up. Voles leave small canyon like trails throughout the lawn.

What can you do if you have Moles?

Our recommendation is to first use our Mole Chase Natural Mole Repellent as often as necessary to chase the moles out of your lawn.  On six pound bag can cover up to 6000 square feet, so it goes a long way.  And, you don't need a big commercial spreader to spread it...your plastic broadcast spreader should do the trick.  Using Beneficial Nematodes, to naturally discourage grubs, may also help.  If you're in our service area, we're happy to do the applications for you.