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Ground Ivy


What is Ground Ivy?

Ground Ivy, a member of the mint family, is a fast growing perennial weed. It produces a nice minty smell when mowed. 

Why do I have Ground Ivy?

Although, thought to like moist shady areas, it seems to thrive in pretty much any situation. Often Ground Ivy is most severe in lawns that don’t have heat-tolerant grass varieties that have been damaged. The lack of competition from grass allows Ground Ivy fills in the bare areas. 

What can I do about Ground Ivy?

As with all weeds, the best way to prevent ground ivy is to have a thick healthy lawn that you mow as high as possible. Once you have ground ivy though, just keeping your lawn thick is not enough to fight it. 

Our Natural Foundation Program will naturally discourage Ground Ivy, but does requires at least 6 applications to be at all effective. Additional spring and/or fall Natural Weed Buster applications can help...but there are no guarantees. Even chemicals don’t work perfectly against Ground Ivy.  The most effective way is reduce Ground Ivy is to do spot chemical treatments in the fall.