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Dormant Problem Grasses


Dormant Grasses – Regular Grasses

Your lawn is going dormant, which is ok, as long as the weather isn’t too hot and dry it should recover just fine when the weather cools this fall. The only downside to letting it go dormant is that it gives annual weeds an opportunity to sprout up – but they’ll die in the fall too. If you’re interested in learning about our Easy Green Grass seed with Magic Mini Clover that stays green longer into the summer without as much water just give us a call.

Dormant Grasses – Problem Grasses

Your lawn has some “problem grasses” (Creeping Bentgrass or Rough Bluegrass) that are turning brown and going dormant in some or all areas. They are problem grasses because they turn brown when it gets hot, no matter how much you water. The good (or bad) news is that they’ll recover when the weather cools. Click the link to learn more about Rough Bluegrass and what you can do about it.

Dormant Grasses -- Fine Fescue in Sun

Your lawn has shade loving grasses growing in full sun which are going dormant sooner than other grasses would. Has there been a tree removed recently? If it bothers you a renovation could help the situation, if it doesn’t bother you then it isn’t a problem.