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What Are Dandelions?

Dandelions are a perennial or biennial plant that generally will live a few years before dying off. They spread seeds prolifically and perpetuate themselves. They’re pretty in the spring and maybe a little scraggly after their flowers turn into seed puffballs.

Why do you have Dandelions?

It is normal to have some dandelions. You may have more dandelions if your lawn is thin or mowed really short. Also, the more dandelions you have, the more they make the soil conditions favorable for themselves...resulting in more and more dandelions.

What can I do about Dandelions?

Mow high
As with most “weeds,” a thick healthy lawn mowed high is your best defense. This helps prevent new dandelion sprouting and make it tougher for existing dandelions to thrive.

Use Good Nature fertilizers
Applying our natural weed-suppressing fertilizers will help create a thick lawn and will also make it more difficult for new dandelions to sprout. Overtime, this will reduce the amount of dandelions you have.

Pluck them in the spring with our Speedy Weedy
The Speedy Weedy (weed pulling tool) makes pulling dandelions fun. It sounds strange, but it's true! Once you try it you’ll be hooked. You can get outside and enjoy the spring and have a nice therapeutic experience. Spring is the best time to pluck dandelions because the soil is soft so you can get a lot of the root out. Also, all the plants energy is up in the flower, so if you miss any of the root it is less likely to become a new plant.

Natural Weed Buster
Adding two Natural Weed Buster applications in the spring will promote grass growth and result in far fewer dandelions.