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Clover (legume)


What is Clover?

Clover is a legume that used to be included in grass seed mixes because clover and grass grow well together. Clover helps fertilize lawns naturally and protect it from insects and disease. It’s actually great to have in your lawn as long as it doesn’t bother you! If you like the idea of clover but don’t like the look or the flowers, consider our new MicroClover.  It provides all the benefits of Clover, (saves you money on fertilizer and water while making the lawn greener) but it is not as noticeable and doesn't flower.

Why do you have Clover?

A little Clover is completely normal to have in a lawn. You may have a lot of it if you don’t fertilize much or don’t have very strong varieties of grass to compete with it.

What can you do about Clover?

To prevent Clover, we recommend:

  • Establish good, high-quality grass types that compete well with it (Super Seeding will help that)
  • Fertilize regularly to help the grass compete with the Clover