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Bill Bugs


What are Bill Bugs?

Not all Bugs are bad. In fact, most are actually beneficial. So, don’t be alarmed though just because you see bugs...it’s a good sign! However, some bugs damage grass, and the billbug is one of them. Billbugs lay eggs inside the grass plant. The eggs turn into a larvae that tunnels down through the grass and eats it as it goes...causing the grass blade to turn brown.

How can you Prevent Bill Bugs?

The best way to prevent billbug damage is to seed with grasses that are naturally resistant to billbugs like our Easy Green or Tuff Turf Mixes (they don’t taste good!). Another strategy is to apply beneficial nematodes in May to try to control the billbug larvae and keep them from damaging the grass (Spring Insect Control).

What can you do about Bill Bug Damage?

Once billbugs have damaged your lawn there are two options:

  • You can water deeply twice a week to try to keep the plant alive and help it recover
  • You can let it go and plan on seeding in the late summer with some tougher grasses that will be more resistant to billbugs in the future